Last week one of our staff members returned from a trip to Ukraine where he assessed the needs and ways for CAM to respond. He reported great needs but observed that the impact of the Ukraine conflict is not the same everywhere.

Life for people in western areas of Ukraine appears fairly normal. Farmers are in the field with their tractors, and the atmosphere seems relaxed.

Unfortunately, other parts of the country are a stark contrast to the peaceful life just described. Our staff member shared, “Seventy-five percent of the houses in the one village had either small damages or were completely destroyed.”

As our staff member traveled to various locations, he passed a line of ambushed tanks, observed roads that gave way to the bombs, and saw mass destruction in some areas. He also noticed the long lines at fueling stations. Only half the stations had fuel with lines up to a quarter mile long.

With the lack of fuel often comes the lack of supplies, or rather, ways to transport the supplies. Some people are only able to purchase around 2.6 gallons of fuel at a time. We are grateful that our staff members can get a little over 5 gallons of fuel each time, which enables them to deliver food and other crucial aid to the people in need.

These photos from our staff member’s trip show the impact of the Ukraine conflict:

Ukraine conflict, Christian Aid Minstries

One of the many bridges that is affected by the conflict.

Ukraine conflict, Christian Aid Minstries

Five solders lost their lives when this tank was hit by the opposing army.

Ukraine conflict, Christian Aid Minstries

This is one of many buildings affected by a missile or tank.

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