Update: Hurricane Laura brought widespread destruction

Monday, August 31, 1:15PM

Hurricane Laura brought widespread destruction when it slammed into Louisiana and Texas on Thursday, August 27. This category 4 storm had wind gusts reaching 150 mph that splintered trees, ripped off roofs, blew out windows, and downed power lines. Heavy rain brought dangerous storm surges and flashfloods.

The city of Lake Charles, Louisiana, suffered severe damage from Hurricane Laura. One resident said, “It looks like 1,000 tornadoes went through here. It’s just destruction everywhere. There are houses that are totally gone.” He testified that the hurricane’s wind sounded like the roar of a jet engine as it passed over his house. Another resident said the hurricane moved her mobile home like a roller coaster.

Laura was one of the fiercest hurricanes to hit the Gulf Coast. The heavy rain that followed caused further damage to homes with damaged roofs. Hundreds of homeowners who evacuated for safer locations are now returning to find their houses severely damaged or destroyed. Electricity will likely be off for weeks.

Hurricane Laura at a Glance

One of the most powerful hurricanes in U.S. recorded history

Made landfall as a category 4 storm

Wind speeds reached 150 mph

Help for devastated homeowners

Hurricane Laura brought widespread destruction to thousands of homes. Many homeowners face an overwhelming time of recovery. CAM plans to provide cleanup help in the wake of this storm. Rapid Response teams are researching ways to help in the coming weeks. Starting today, the Loaves and Fishes Food Kitchen is providing hot meals to residents of Lake Charles, Louisiana.
Please pray for people affected by this storm. Pray also for our staff and volunteers as they show Jesus’ love in the wake of Hurricane Laura.

Update: Hurricane Laura makes landfall

Thursday, August 27, 8:10AM

Hurricane Laura, Christian Aid Ministries

Hurricane Laura makes landfall

Hurricane Laura makes landfall early Thursday morning as a Category 4 storm with 150 mph winds. Although the extent of damage is unclear at this time, dangerous storm surges and flashfloods have been reported in some locations. More than 290,000 homes and businesses are without power in Louisiana and Texas.We continue to monitor the situation. Our Rapid Response team members are on standby, ready to respond as needed. Continue to pray for those affected by Hurricane Laura.

Hurricane Laura heads toward Louisiana and Texas

Wednesday, August 26, 3:23PM

Texas and Louisiana brace themselves as Hurricane Laura churns angrily across the Gulf of Mexico. Laura’s strength increases by the hour, as the relentless winds spiral upwards to 125 mph.

Hurricane Laura, Christian Aid Ministries

Hurricane Laura

Forecasters warn that Laura could become a catastrophic Category 4 storm before hitting Texas and Louisiana. The storm is likely to make landfall on Thursday, August 27. Residents are preparing for floods, damaged homes, and power outages. Hurricane Laura already forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people from their homes.

CAM’s Rapid Response cleanup teams and Loaves & Fishes Food Kitchen are ready to respond. They are ready to provide cleanup and food as needs arise.

Pray for the many people in the path of Hurricane Laura.

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