Umair’s* income, earned by working as a mechanic in a vehicle maintenance shop, enabled him to provide for his wife, their five children, and his mother. Then a fire destroyed the shop, his only source of income. The stress of no longer being able to pay rent or provide for his family took its toll on Umair. Tragically, he ended his life, leaving his family grappling with grief on top of their poverty.

A glimmer of hope reached Umair’s family when they received a gift of food. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude for this help in their time of grief.

Like Umair’s family, many Yemenis struggle to purchase food and other basics. Yemen’s conflict leaves multitudes at risk of hunger and disease. Many businesses have closed, and thousands of families have been displaced. The gift of a food parcel helps lighten many Yemeni families’ burdens. Thank you, supporters, for caring!

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