Aasiyah’s* husband died in a traffic accident leaving her to single parent six girls and three boys. This destitute widow in Yemen has a son who is mentally handicapped, adding to her already heavy burden.

Aasiyah tried to find a job to support her and her large family. But since Aasiyah is illiterate, employers would not hire her for work. The family struggles to find enough to eat.

This family’s small, dark, unsanitary house began to ruin Aasiyah’s health. She developed liver disease and now her health is fading away slowly, day by day.

widow in Yemen, Christian Aid Ministries

This boy in Yemen is happy for the heavy load. This means he and his family will have food to eat.

CAM contacts saw her needs and added Aasiyah’s family to the list to receive food parcels and hygiene supplies on a regular basis. Now Aasiyah’s family can have three meals a day. Aasiyah expressed her heartfelt thanks for the efforts exerted in helping the poor and needy, especially those in such difficult situations.

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*Name changed to protect identity

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