Pakistan flooding emergency

Flooding in Pakistan and Afghanistan is causing widespread loss and needs. An estimated 30 million people are displaced. Reports say that floodwaters cover nearly 30 percent of Pakistan.

Weeks of rain have made people desperate. Many homes built from mud and wood do not hold up well in the rains and are collapsing. Floodwaters have damaged people’s crops and animals.

One father in Pakistan said, “Rain takes our everything. My house is gone.”

A farmer who lost his cotton crop in the rain said, “A few years ago I paid all the debt to the landlord and this rain put me into debt again. Nothing is left for me and my family.”

CAM has committed to providing food, blankets, and mats for flood victims. We will continue to research the needs in the region and work with trusted contacts to see how we can best help with the flooding in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

We plan to keep you updated as this project develops further.

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