Months of heavy rain caused flooding in Asia that overwhelmed streets and houses. The seasonal monsoon rains left many villages and houses under water. CAM provided support to contacts who have been delivering aid in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and most recently, helped flood victims in India. This update gives you a pictorial overview of the project in India.

Flooding in Asia, Christian Aid Ministries

CAM contacts deliver aid by boat.

On a recent distribution in India, our contacts filled several boats with food and ventured through the murky water to help believers and others in need. They witnessed families living on rooftops and even some sheltering on tree branches.

Flooding in Asia, Christian Aid Ministries

Some families were living on rooftops.

Electricity, food, and clean water are nonexistent to many people who lost their homes and all their belongings. “It was so sad to see people boiling the floodwater for drinking,” our contact shared.

Flooding in Asia, Christian Aid Ministries

Hundreds of homes were underwater.

The unclean environment and drinking water are causing diseases to spread quickly. The need for assistance in these villages is great.

Flooding in Asia, Christian Aid Ministries

Belongings, debris, and mud line the streets.

CAM is providing financial support to start a medical camp to help combat sicknesses. Funds will also provide temporary shelters for families with no place to live. Along with this support, we are supplying food that will last families several months, as well as essentials for cooking and cleaning.

Flooding in Asia, Christian Aid Ministries

Many people gratefully receive aid.

Our contacts are excited about the avenue the flooding in Asia is creating for them to show Christ’s love Christ in a practical way.

Flooding in Asia, Christian Aid Ministries

Inches of mud remain after the floodwaters recede.

Significant funding is needed to help with this project in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. If you would like to help cover the cost of this Flooding in Asia project click the button below.

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