On Wednesday and Thursday, massive fires destroyed large portions of Camp Moria, a refugee camp located on the island of Lesbos, Greece. The fires swept through this overcrowded camp, quickly reducing structures to rubble and ash. Thousands of refugees are left homeless.

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Destruction in Camp

Even before the fire, refugees faced extreme poverty in Camp Moria. Now they are left with little more than the things they could carry as they fled the fire. Many lack food and water. Hundreds resort to sleeping in fields and forests, or on roadsides.

The cause of these fires is still under investigation. It appears that they were started during protests against recent COVID-19 lockdowns issued in camp. In any case, the fires that destroyed Camp Moria plunged thousands of already suffering people into greater hardship.

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Preparing food for distribution

During the next few weeks, CAM is helping provide food for people who lost almost everything they owned during this tragedy in Camp Moria.

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