People in Turkey and Syria are experiencing their fourth night since the deadly earthquakes of Monday. Desperate family members wait, clinging to the hope that their relatives will be rescued alive from beneath the tons of rubble. But this hope is dwindling fast. As of this afternoon, the death toll reached more than 20,000.

Night’s misery for earthquake victims

Night is miserable for thousands in Turkey and Syria. Many spend the night outdoors. “There is a lack of shelters, many are sleeping outside (it is freezing cold) in cars and in tents, but only a few are available,” a contact said.

In addition to the cold, fear is a harsh reality. “People are very scared, desperate, afraid to return to their homes if they are standing,” says a contact. Aftershocks that shook the region for days after the earthquake triggered memories of shaking ground and collapsing buildings. “Many people stayed in the public parks without even socks while the weather was rainy,” shared a contact in Syria.

We are working through contacts to distribute various items for earthquake victims. Some are passing out blankets to displaced people trying to shelter in public parks. Others are distributing food, hygiene items, and heating materials. Several CAM staff members are on the ground, connecting with contacts and researching needs and ways to help. The needs in the aftermath of the Turkey and Syria earthquakes are nearly overwhelming, and we need God’s wisdom to know who and how to help.

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