More than a year of civil war in Ethiopia has killed thousands of people, displaced millions from their homes, and pushed many into famine. Children are dying from hunger as their families flee the conflict.

CAM provided food and other aid for displaced Ethiopians in 2021. One recipient wrote, “It has been three months since we left [our home] . . . we left all we had in our homes and it was robbed . . .
We are glad to get support in this hard time. I extend my thanks and say words of blessings to those who took note of our situation. This is life-saving support for us who are in a helpless situation.”

Did you know

Approximately 84 million people are displaced around the world.
The countries with the most displaced people are Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Myanmar.

We are preparing to supply 3,000 Ethiopian families with a highly nutritious flour made from soy and corn. To meet spiritual needs, we also plan to provide Bibles and Bible story books.

The last decade brought a dramatic increase of displaced people around the world. The number of people who fled their homes due to conflict, famine, and persecution doubled from 40 million to 84 million. CAM’s Worldwide Refugee Crisis program supplies assistance for displaced people, impoverished migrants, and other suffering people in the Middle East, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Greece, and other places. We see this as an opportunity to extend Jesus’ love in places that otherwise have little exposure to the Gospel.

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