Within the past week, Palestinian militants launched almost 2,000 rockets into central and southern Israel. In retaliation, Israel carried out hundreds of air and ground strikes in Gaza.

It seemed like life in the area was slowly returning to normal after more than a year of sickness, economic distress, and government-enforced restrictions and lockdowns related to COVID-19. Then this new problem emerged. Many voices are calling out hate on both sides.

An escalation of violence

Several factors contributed to the escalation of violence. A Palestinian election was canceled. Housing disputes in Jerusalem led to violent clashes between Israeli forces and Arab protesters. During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, clashes broke out between Muslim worshippers and Israeli police on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The aggression of right-wing activists and rioting among the various people groups also added to the conflict.

The heightened tensions spilled over into violent attacks by civilians across Israel, targeting both Jews and Arabs. Casualties have taken place on both sides.

This conflict escalated to a climax on Monday, May 10. The Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip issued an ultimatum to Israel. They warned of retaliation if Israel did not evacuate the Temple Mount by 6:00 p.m. At 6:10 p.m. Gaza fired rockets that reached Jerusalem, although most of them were intercepted by the Israeli military. The fighting has continued since then.

Most intense conflict between Israel and Hamas since 2014

This conflict is the most intense aerial exchange between Israel and Hamas since 2014. More than 100 people have been killed in Gaza, many of whom were children and women, and eight Israelis have lost their lives.

“Our greatest need right now is prayer.”

We are researching the best ways to help those affected by this conflict. Many suffering people are caught in the crossfire. An abundance of physical needs will undoubtedly result from this new conflict, and we are preparing to help meet those needs. A CAM contact from Jerusalem sums the situation up by saying, “Our greatest need right now is prayer.”

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