CAM contacts are reaching out with love and compassion to people affected by the war in Yemen. Their compassion touches many families in a difficult plight.

Following is a story a food recipient recently told our contacts:

Consider what it would be like if you had to forcibly leave your house. What would it be like if you had to leave your farmland while it was full of crops . . .?

I used to wake up along with my children at dawn. Every day we watched the first rays of the sun embrace our green land. Our field was like a field of gold in our eyes. We grew cucumbers, onions, and parsley and sold them in the market to earn our livelihood.

Then the war came and transformed our valley from a vibrant farmland to a field of mines that brought death and destruction. This is how our misery began and we were forced to flee from our village. Our bodies fled, but our souls are still there until now.

We felt as strangers in the area we were displaced to; we had never lived anywhere else. We were consumed by hunger and thirst. . . . The team provided us with food and water and it was almost as if they had taken us back to our home. Words cannot express our thanks and appreciation. Thank you to all who participated in providing this relief.

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