Maria Mojica lives several miles from the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, just outside the small town of Masachapa. To find her house, we wind back a narrow dusty road that borders huge fields of towering sugarcane.

Maria and her husband never had children. He passed away 16 years ago, leaving her to live alone in a little house of cut stone and wood. Maria attends church in the local town when the heavy coastal rains haven’t turned the narrow dusty road into a muddy path.

Maria has received Help-for-the-Elderly food parcels for around 12 years. She says she depends solely on the food items in the parcel for nourishment because health problems keep her from working. “I’d like to thank the churches that have made the blessing of the food parcel possible over the last years,” she says. “Thanks to God because He has blessed me and helped me in my needs through the gift of the food parcel.”

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