Eighty-two-year-old Anna faces the responsibility of providing for the household, since her husband Fedir is blind and requires constant care. This elderly Christian couple in Ukraine lives with their alcoholic son who does little to help his parents.

The arrival of a monthly food parcel encourages Anna and Fedir in their frail age. “Thank you very much for the aid,” they share. “We are old but can feel your support. May God bless you for your attention to the elderly and weak people like us.”

Many other elderly people in remote areas of Ukraine face similar needs. In their younger years during communism, most of them were unable to save much money. Now the elderly are forced to provide for themselves with little or no way to earn an income. Many of their children have left for the city or moved to another country to find work.

The food parcels help these vulnerable people save some money for other pressing needs. Many people in their sunset years suffer from illnesses but don’t have funds for medicines. At times, the monthly food parcel helps them save money to buy the medicines they need. During the harsh winters, the parcel can help them save money to provide some heat for their homes.

One Ukrainian recipient said, “With the Lord’s help and your support, we are able to survive. . . . Thank you very much!”

Because of your support, we are able to lighten the burdens of many elderly people in Ukraine and other countries. The aid not only provides for their needs but also brightens their day by having someone stop by for a short visit.

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Monthly Sponsorship

$59 provides a 25-pound food parcel and $10 cash or its equivalent in food items for a needy aged person(s)