Growing old isn’t all that easy anywhere. But it is especially hard in a desperately poor country like Liberia. The elderly in Liberia have experienced unspeakable hardships throughout their lives. Years of civil war left many without spouses or family members. And even after the war, they struggled to provide for themselves while the economy lay in shambles. Now, in the sunset years of their lives, life hasn’t gotten easier for Liberia’s elderly. In fact, it has gotten far more difficult for many. Daily life is little more than a struggle to survive.

On top of all the day-to-day hardships the elderly in Liberia face, a physical handicap such as blindness adds an entirely new dimension to the difficulties. James Bee is one of various blind Help-for-the-Elderly food parcel recipients in Liberia. Eleven years ago his eyesight started going dim. In an effort to help renew his sight, his children took him to various doctors. They all gave the same discouraging report, “Nothing can be done.” Today, James is completely blind. He endures days of darkness and is unable to provide for himself.

The Help-for-the-Elderly food parcel that James gets each month brightens his life. This box filled with rice, beans, vegetable soup mix, and other items helps provide daily nourishment for him. The ten dollars cash given with each parcel enables him to buy other necessary things.

For many lonely, elderly recipients, the visit that accompanies the food parcel delivery is valued as much as the parcel. The visits remind recipients that they are not forgotten, and provide wonderful opportunities to tell them about Jesus before they pass on.

In most of the countries where CAM operates, staff members encounter a seemingly endless number of elderly people who are in desperate need of help. Thank you, supporters, for sharing joy with those who are enduring hardships in the sunset years of their lives.

Blindness is a common problem in Liberia. Here are some reasons why:

  • A parasitic worm causes a disease known as river blindness.
  • Cataracts, high fevers, and other viruses have damaged people’s eyes.
  • Proper medical care is not available to curb eyesight problems in their beginning stages.
  • Continual exposure of smoke from cooking over open fire can eventually damage the eyes.

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Monthly Sponsorship

$59 provides a 25-pound food parcel and $10 cash or its equivalent in food items for a needy aged person(s)