Havoc reigns in Haiti as gangs continue kidnapping, killing, and looting. The country’s dysfunctional government is powerless to end the terror. Haiti’s battered economy leaves many innocent people struggling for basic necessities.

Amid this violence and poverty, we have an opportunity to invest in young Haitians through the Haiti Sponsor-A-Child program. By providing funds to supply items like food and curriculum and subsidize teachers’ wages, supporters enable more than 4,800 children in 20 schools across Haiti to receive

a quality education and a daily meal. With food prices soaring in the country, this meal is especially valued.

Some of the staff members from supported Haitian schools expressed their appreciation:

  • “All our students are able to eat food from Monday through Friday because of your support . . . we are not able to find a word that has enough value to say thank you . . . without CAM we would never have a school like this in our community. With all our souls and with all our hearts we say thank you to CAM and all the sponsors.” —Good Samaritan of Potino School
  • “With this program, children find and listen to God’s Word, they find a plate of food each day, they find books to study, and the teachers find their support.” —La Source Mennonite School
  • “Thank you very much for the food you provide for the children, thank you very much for the teachers’ money, for the school materials. . . . All our teachers at the school send a lot of thanks to CAM . . . If CAM was not with us in the field of education in Haiti, there are many schools that would not continue to hold on because things get very difficult.” —Jehovah Nissi of Brulée School

In the past several years, our staff members have worked hard to improve the Haiti Sponsor-A-Child school program. To properly manage the schools and provide consistent oversight, we reduced the number of schools we support and worked to improve accountability and educational quality with the schools still on the program. Thank you, supporters, for enabling Christian schooling amidst Haiti’s turmoil!

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