Hurricane Andrew smashed into Florida on August 24, 1992, as one of the most powerful storms of the  time. While people in the hurricane’s path shared how God spoke to them through the experience, CAM felt God’s nudging to get involved.

In a newsletter following the storm, CAM wrote, “For more than ten years our programs have all been overseas. Now we sense a responsibility and an opportunity to get involved in south Florida.”

It all began after CAM’s general director, David Troyer, received a phone call from a Mennonite bishop in Florida, recommending that CAM coordinate volunteers to help with cleanup and rebuilding. Hurricane Andrew left around 85,000 homes to repair.

CAM set up its first base in the middle of Florida City’s destruction, using two homes and a barn that had endured the storm. Volunteers spent the daytime working and the evenings passing out tracts and ministering to emotional and spiritual needs.

A man later approached the DRS project supervisor to say that he had joined a church and was baptized. He made this decision after being convicted through the beautiful voices of volunteer ladies singing while they painted next door.

The mayor was also touched by the loving help from CAM staff members and volunteers and announced August 25 as “Mennonite Appreciation Day.”

Through the efforts of people far and wide, CAM’s first Disaster Response Services project set the course for years to come. We are grateful to God for the us to help our neighbors in the U.S., and for staff and volunteers who have given of their time and resources over the years.

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