The coronavirus lockdown in poverty-stricken Malawi is resulting in hunger and other hardships. Falesi, a widowed mother of three, shared, “. . . we have been suffering with hunger as we were not allowed to go out and find work to help me provide for my sons.”

“We have had sleepless nights due to hunger”

Relief and joy came to Falesi’s home when she received a food parcel and a Bible from CAM. She shared, “I and my children will enjoy eating the good food and studying the Word of God. We have had sleepless nights due to hunger and lack, but now we are praising God and appreciating . . . the donors for helping us receive food and a Bible during this terrible situation . . .”

Because of your support, suffering people can feel Christ’s love in poverty-stricken Malawi and many other countries. CAM’s Coronavirus Crisis Care program is providing aid in forty-seven countries affected by the global pandemic. God bless you for caring!

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Coronavirus Crisis Care Project

These funds will help provide food, preventative supplies, medicines, Christian literature and other support for those affected by coronavirus.