Faith was born in Romania with severe physical and mental handicaps. Her brain had only developed to around 10 percent of its full capacity, and doctors gave Faith’s parents little hope that she would ever be able to do much.

Faith was enrolled in kindergarten for several years and learned to read in Romanian. But because she was neglected like many other handicapped children in Romania’s public school system, her mother regularly accompanied her to school and took on much of her teaching.

After enrolling in a school program operated by our contacts in Romania, Faith learned to read fluently in English. Although her lack of coordination at this point still prevents her from writing, she speaks well

enough to be easily understood. Faith loves to learn, and medical professionals now rate her intelligence above average for her age. Praise God for this amazing development!

Christian parents throughout Romania contend with a public school system that threatens the truth they long to instill in their children. Your support of the Christian Schooling for Eastern Europe program equips concerned parents with a structured way to teach their children at home instead, using the Bible-based Christian Light Education curriculum. Families register under an organized program that provides oversight and accountability.

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