Christian literature for a country in crisis

The future looks grim for the people of Venezuela. A corrupt socialist government has thrown the country deep into an economic crisis, and the value of money has dwindled to almost nothing. Families struggle to survive.

Tens of thousands are leaving the country

Desperate for a better life, tens of thousands are attempting to leave the country. “Their faces look forlorn and hopeless,” said one of our contacts who watched crowds of Venezuelans stream across a bridge into neighboring Colombia.

A prime opportunity to reach out with God’s truth

As life becomes increasingly difficult, Venezuelans are looking for a message of hope. This time of spiritual awakening in the country is a prime opportunity to reach out with God’s truth. Many are very open to Christian literature and Bible teaching, but little of it is available.

At one time Venezuela had many Christian bookstores, but the failing economy sent their sales spiraling. Most closed their doors. “There is no place to get Bibles for new Christians,” said one elderly pastor. “And if they can find a Bible, they don’t have money to pay for it.”

CAM provides Christian literature as a “first aid” response

As a “first aid” response to the lack of Christian literature, CAM is partnering with Mount Zion Literature Ministry (MZL) to provide packages of Bible story books, Bibles, and Biblical teaching books in both Venezuela and Colombia. We are funding the Bible story books for this project and may also include some food with the literature distribution.

Already the packages of literature have reached hundreds of evangelical churches in Venezuela. “We heard many heartfelt thanks from the pastors,” said the MZL team. The Bible story books bless children in small, impoverished churches and encourage churches to minister to unbelievers.

In addition to Venezuela and Colombia, we plan to provide some Bible story books in Ecuador and Peru, which are also South American countries with great spiritual needs.

Pray for the suffering Venezuelans and that the doors would remain open to import and distribute Christian literature. We want to take the opportunity to saturate the country with the message of the Gospel while we can.