Reading increases our knowledge and expands our worldview, making sound literature extremely important. But edifying books and magazines are hard to come by in many places.

CAM helps bridge this gap by providing the Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) magazine in Latin America. The Antorcha is developed and printed by a conservative Anabaptist publishing house in Costa Rica. The stories and testimonies found in this magazine are a wonderful treasure to recipients who have little or no access to godly reading material. They often pass on to their neighbors and friends what they learned.

One couple from Chile shared, “We have often felt convicted by the stories . . . They have been a great blessing to us and we desire to share this treasure with others.”

Although Christians in Chile aren’t openly persecuted, laws in the country continue changing against God’s design for His children. This makes sound doctrine even more imperative while their doors remain open.

Thank you, supporters, for making this ministry possible!

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