Reason would suggest that when a person is thoroughly convinced of his belief system or worldview, then there is no need to worry about the consequences if they are wrong. And yet, each day, many people call with ambitions to debate and defend their position with our Phone Team. Why do they bother to call if they claim to be at peace with their conclusions about life and eternity? We believe it is because the Holy Spirit is at work through the Billboard Evangelism program. As motorists pass our gospel signs each day, the simple-yet-powerful messages plague their conscience and pierce their hearts. Many feel an overwhelming need to pick up their phone and call the toll-free number. Even though many begin the dialogue with a fierce defense of their position, it is clear that they are not satisfied with the lack of peace and freedom that accompanies their viewpoints; hence the underlying motivation for the phone call.

*Clyde from Manitoba was hopeful that his affiliation with the Catholic church would be sufficient to earn his eternal reward in Heaven. But, he courageously reached out and asked for a truthful outline of the Way to eternal life in spite of his predetermined belief.

A young teen from Ontario called to discuss the gospel. He confessed that he knows he should get a Bible so that he can find answers to the questions that torment him, but he is not ready to give us permission to send him one. He wants more time to grapple with the substance – or lack thereof – of his own understanding of life.

*Eric from B.C. called with questions about the purpose of life. His worldview permitted the acceptance of homosexuality, but the emptiness of this lifestyle caused him to proactively call to hear about God’s love.

Our culture is restless. The prosperity, unrestrained lifestyles and the pursuit of pleasure in our society are creating a void of nothing but emptiness and dissatisfaction. But, this restlessness is causing people to reconsider. Pray that the Holy Spirit would take this restless reconsideration to bring people into contact with the One who said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

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