Although Liberia claims to be a “Christian” nation, many people are bound by superstition and spiritual ignorance. Many pastors, unable to read, simply preach what they have been told. Professing Christians are involved in wicked practices, not knowing it is sin. They attempt to mix superstition, animism, and Christianity without success.

Responding to the dire need for Biblical teaching, CAM has partnered with Faith Mennonite Mission in Lott, Texas, to start a Biblical Discipleship Centre in Liberia. This discipleship centre provides Biblical, Anabaptist teaching for church leaders and other men who desire to dig deep into God’s Word. The first three-week seminar took place in January, and we have now held a total of five seminars.

Our first set of attendees

Several Liberian men from non-Christian background became believers. They studied Jesus’ teachings in Bible correspondence courses funded by CAM. The Christian principles taught in the books stirred within them a desire for more teaching on how to apply God’s Word and live a victorious Christian life.

These men, along with other nationals, went through our first seminars of vigorous Bible teaching. The sessions included topics like new life, morality, spiritual warfare, and Christian family life.

“They learned a lot of new things and were very receptive,” said Stanley Fox, director of CAM’s Biblical Discipleship Centres. “I believe it was life-changing for them. They have tools now. They are equipped and informed to go back to their villages, to believe what they learned, to practice it in their own lives, and to share it with their church community.”

Please join us in praying for our Biblical Discipleship Centre in Liberia. Pray also for our discipleship center in Haiti, as well as the centers we are working toward opening in Nicaragua and Greece. The need for sound Bible teaching is tremendous, and we want to continue expanding this program as funds are available.

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