For more than a century, no one dared move the six stones that stood in the middle of the village, marking the place where six girls had been buried alive in 1905. Several Liberian bush villages had been at war, and the village of Gbarjorkor was losing. The villagers believed human sacrifice would bring them the power they needed to win. So, they selected six young women, buried them alive, and erected six stones at the place where they died.

For generations afterward, villagers saw these stones as sacred symbols of power. They brought rice to the stones and forbade their children to play on them. Even people from other villages came to worship the six stones.

But in 2015, a team of Bible distributors showed up. They had walked for six miles through thick Liberian bush, carrying boxes of CAM-supplied Bibles on their heads. For two days they shared the Gospel with the people of Gbarjorkor and handed out Bibles. People, tired of Satan’s oppression, chose to follow Christ. But one question remained. How would the team approach the village chief about removing the stones?

“We didn’t want an uproar,” said Paul Hershberger, who was with the team. “We prayed that the Holy Spirit would do the convicting.” The team members went to the rocks at night and prayed.

The next morning, the village chief asked to meet the team members at the site of the six rocks. When they arrived, seven men stood there. Immediately the chief started in, “Paul, if you want these rocks moved, we will mo—.”

“No, no,” Paul cut in. “Don’t move these rocks because of us. Only if you want to move them for the sake of Jesus Christ so He will bless your village, will we agree.”

The seven village men stepped away and put their heads together. Soon they returned and, without a word, they pulled the rocks out of the ground and carried them out of the village. “Oh, victory in Jesus! What a sight!” Paul remembers. “That’s what God’s word can do.”

Now that the reminder of those horrible deaths was gone, the town chief and village people decided to build a prayer house on the very spot where the rocks had stood. On the building they posted a sign, “May God bless the people of Gbarjorkor.” Satan’s 110-year stronghold over this village was finally broken. God’s Word, the best tool against Satan, had triumphed, and the people are excited to serve a living God!

“To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God…” Acts 26:18

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