Children stain in a neat, orderly line and wait for their turn to have food. But when staff members begin to distribute CAM Bible story books, the air fills with excitement. The children worry there won’t be enough for everyone. Owning a book is a rare treat for these schoolchildren from a Kenyan slum. We hope the books will influence them for life and stir up a desire for God in them and their parents.

“God bless the family of Christian believers . . . never say you have done enough. Many still wait to be reached. Be blessed abundantly.” —Bible story book recipient in Kenya

In Nepal, orphans at CAM-supported children’s homes treasure their Bible story books. Most children at one home have memorized nearly all the stories! But the Bible story books are not only for children. Nepali church leaders use the books to reach out to adults in their communities. After attending a distribution, one contact shared, “All the pastors and leaders were very happy to receive this book and testified that it is a tremendous tool to evangelize and teach.”

In Panama, the country’s Indians live deep in the jungle. How can we reach them with the Gospel? Our contacts have discovered that distributing Bible story books in schools is an excellent way to get God’s Word into their homes. At a recent distribution, Indian children looked at their new books as they walked home. Then some stopped and sat by the side of the road to read the interesting stories. Books are scarce in their homes and many other family members undoubtedly read the prized books.

In 2019, CAM’s goal is to provide close to 11 million Bible story books, Lord willing. Bibles are in huge demand and mostly reserved for believers in countries where God’s Word is scarce. Bible story books are less expensive and a wonderful evangelistic tool to reach unbelievers for Christ. Those who cannot read can learn the stories through the pictures.

Pray that the knowledge of God’s Word introduced through CAM Bible story books would lead people to seek first the kingdom of God.

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