“For thirteen years I prayed to receive a Bible,” writes a Christian woman in a restricted country. “I was overjoyed early this year to learn that I would receive my own copy! I have received books about the Bible before, but nothing is as precious as the pure truth of God’s Word.”

Millions and millions of Bibles needed across the world

One of CAM’s primary programs is to provide the pure Word of God—Bibles and New Testaments—in countries around the world. Most of these Scriptures go to believers and seekers in places with few Christians.

The need for Bibles is endless! With a growing world population, an expanding list of contacts, and an increased interest in spiritual things because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of Bibles our contacts would need is well over 100 million. “The sheer numbers and hunger for the Bible demand that we do all we can to provide the needed Scriptures!” reported one contact in a restricted country.

Why is distributing the Bible so important?

The Bible is God’s own Word. It contains the message of eternal life and instructs us how God wants His children to live. God’s Word has the power to change lives. After reading the Bible, one man exclaimed, “This Book is alive!”

Tragically, an estimated 70,000 people die each day without the Savior, many having never even heard about Jesus in a meaningful way. Billions of people live in places where Bibles are difficult to obtain. Most of them have never seen a Bible, much less owned one.

It is vital for new Christians to receive a Bible soon after conversion. There are many new believers who do not have access to God’s Word and return to their former religion, are led astray by a cult, or simply lose out spiritually because they have no access to daily, spiritual food.

A contact shared, “Imagine you and your family . . .  come to know the Lord, but you have no Bible that belongs to you or anyone you know. This is the reality for hundreds of thousands who are actively coming to know the Lord and long to grow deeper in their faith.”

The priceless gift of a Bible

Our staff and contacts around the world report a great spiritual hunger and tell of the joy of believers who receive the gift of a Bible.

Haseeb* and Asmi discipled a large group of believers, but neither of them had a Bible. They began to fast and pray about this need. After many weeks of prayer, Haseeb and Asmi met one of our contacts who gave them the Scriptures they longed for. They thanked God for answering their fervent prayers.

Another man who received his first copy of a complete Bible responded, “I have been looking for this Book for nine years! I had nowhere to get one before. Thank you!”

One contact reported, “We repeatedly hear stories about people who dreamed about receiving a Bible and then gratefully received the exact Bible they had seen in their dreams.”

We count it a great privilege to distribute Scriptures to those who still wait for God’s Word. The average cost to print and distribute one Bible is $3.15. If you would like to help with this project, your contribution will be a great blessing. Thank you for making this work possible. May God’s Word find a home in many more hearts!

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

Christian Aid Ministries | December 2020

*Names in this article are changed to protect identities.

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