Flooding in the Balkans

During the month of May, Bosnia and Serbia experienced
their worst flooding in 120 years. The now receding waters
are revealing fallen trees, homes destroyed or submerged in
mud, and rotting corpses of livestock.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated
due to the flooding. An estimated 100,000 houses and other
buildings are no longer suitable to use. More than one
million people have no clean water supply. Landslides and
floodwaters have unearthed and moved land mines left over
from the Balkan wars, creating a serious hazard.

A CAM contact in this area said, “The cleanup will be
enormous. People here don’t have insurance and many don’t
have jobs. The recovery will be extremely difficult.”
CAM staff are currently assessing the damages. Funds will
be used toward emergency aid and recovery efforts for those
affected by the disaster.

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God Bless You!