Adopt-A-Family food parcels help provide food for Gaza families who have few resources and no access to opportunities outside their poverty-stricken land.

An entire generation of Gazans live trapped on a thin piece of land between Israel and Egypt. This strip of land, Gaza, is home to 1.75 million people but could almost be missed by people traveling the highway that borders it. Lack of jobs from overpopulation and isolation from the rest of the world is causing serious poverty and hopelessness.

Bilal* and his family live in the structures pictured above. He earns slightly more than $3 per day by picking vegetables for nearby farmers. A recent accident partially disabled his one arm and reduced his ability to earn an income. Your support helps provide food for Gaza families and many others. God bless you for caring about Bilal!

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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Monthly Sponsorship

$75 provide 50lbs or more of food and healthcare items to families in Romania, Liberia, and Haiti.