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Explore our programs to find the ones that connect with you. Click on ‘Explore Our Programs‘ to learn more about it, and if you wish, to make an online contribution. Your donation enables CAM to do its work around the world, making a difference for abandoned orphans, needy widows, refugees, and many others who are in need of physical and spiritual help.

Contributions to CAM are used 100 percent as specified.

The Where-Needed-Most (WNM) program is our general support category. Funds specified for Where-Needed-Most are used in CAM aid programs and for general administration and fundraising expenses. This is a great category for those who wish to give, but are not sure which programs to support.where-needed-most

To donate to Where-Needed-Most program on a 1 Time Basis please use the Donate button below.

Or other programs to explore:

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Where Needed Most
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