Boko Haram Terrorizes Nigeria

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, is facing a humanitarian crisis. Violent attacks by the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, have caused 1.7 million people to flee their homes. Thousands have been killed.

Followers of Boko Haram have pledged allegiance to ISIS and are said to be influenced by a phrase in the Qur’an that states, “Anyone who is not governed by what God (Allah) has revealed is among the transgressors,” and therefore must be killed.

The EYN Church in Nigeria has likely suffered more than any other group, since they live in the area where Boko Haram is most active. This church group, originally established by Church of the Brethren missionaries from the United States in 1923, had an estimated attendance of nearly one million before the conflict began. Many of its members are displaced, more than 8,000 have been killed, and 466 of their church buildings have been destroyed.

A leader of Boko Haram said, “I enjoy killing anyone that Allah commands me to kill, the way I enjoy killing chickens and goats.” One of the group’s members, after his capture, confessed, “Our agenda is to wipe out Christians.”

Boko Haram has kidnapped thousands of children and young girls. Some have been killed. Others have been trained to fight, turned into slaves, or even forced to be suicide bombers.

On a recent investigative trip to Nigeria, CAM staff member Glenn Zimmerman and board member Philip Mast met with a few kidnapped schoolgirls who had managed to escape, and others affected by the violence. Abena was fetching water for her family when gunshots and screams erupted from her village. Boko Haram was attacking! She fled into the bush while her family ran the other way, and she has not seen them since.

Abena has scoured camps of displaced people but found no sign of them. Now, at thirteen years old, Abena calls herself an orphan. Abena is only one of the thousands of people affected by the tragic events in Nigeria. Even Muslims who live in the area controlled by Boko Haram are in danger if they do not support the group. Boko Haram rebels mercilessly kill, rape, burn, and destroy. In some villages, so many people were slaughtered that the bodies were thrown into wells, polluting the water supply for the entire area.

Many of the people displaced inside Nigeria and in neighboring Chad, Cameroon, and Niger were forced to watch their families be kidnapped or killed. In addition to these painful memories, they now face the daily need for food, clothing, and shelter. Although the refugees would love to return to their homes, few have families left alive or homes still standing.

To do what we can in this tragic situation, CAM is providing food, clothing, and other emergency aid to these suffering Christians. We also plan to distribute Bibles and Bible story books. Later we hope to assist with shelter, seeds, and possibly other items to help refugees start over. CAM is placing staff in Nigeria to work with our contacts to distribute aid and research needs.

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food drying cutting roomCAM is excited to launch our Reapers of Hope food drying program. Growers and others donate surplus or non-marketable produce for this project.

CAM recognizes that we are only a channel from the giver to the recipient. We need our volunteers and are grateful for each one. Funds also are needed to help pay the expenses at Reapers of Hope. It is estimated that each dollar will cover more than 7 meal servings!

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Moorefield Building Project

On Parkview Drive in Moorefield, Ontario, stands a five-acre deserted building supply yard. Weeds grow through cracks in the asphalt and buildings stand vacant and desolate. But an air of hope pervades the place!

Hope of nutrition for hungry people of the world. The Reapers of Hope project aims to collect local produce that would otherwise go to waste, and use it to feed the hungry. We anticipate buying or receiving donations of fruits and vegetables that do not meet marketing criteria in Ontario and would normally go to waste.

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Sponsorship programs

For a personalized, interesting, and organized method of giving, you may want to consider one of our sponsorship programs. These sponsorships allow you to support specific families or designated areas of need. Sponsorships are very valuable to us because they provide a dependable monthly income and foundation of support that enable us to plan ahead.

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As products become available we send them to needy areas.  Currently we are sending kits to Tabea. 

Needs to be filled:

  • Health kits
  • Hygenic kits
  • School kits
  • Layette Bundles

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